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2.) SyndicateHunt is the TrustPilot of angel investing syndicates. The directory of syndicates helps founders raise capital faster, investors find diversified deal flow, and syndicate leads grow their network.

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You’ll learn about promising new tech startups as I go beyond the headlines to unpack the product & the big idea behind why they're the next big thing. I cover brilliant startups that you might have otherwise missed, or an angle on a bigger story that isn’t getting the coverage it deserves.

For entrepreneurs, it inspires you to think differently & develop new startup ideas!

For angel investors, it keeps you informed of trends & investment theses.

For tech lovers, it makes you excited to help the next big startup get off the ground by trying it out!

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Startups Unpacked is also a podcast with fresh takes from venture-backed startup founders who are building great products. Hear tactical advice from world-class founders building the next big thing.

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